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Education starts the minute we see children as creatures who are fundamentally intelligent and capable of learning. Only after that will we be able to participate in their world.

Children arrive at school with brimming imaginations and a lush mental landscape. As they begin their journey of learning and self-discovery, we would want to create an environment of happy experiential learning in which each child is encouraged to engage fully.

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Our institute's tagline,
"Courage – Drive – Integrity," encapsulates our values.

  • The philosophy that is unambiguous and upbeat
  • An effective organizational structure
  • Learning conducive environments
  • Being forward-thinking and motivating
  • We are providing pupils with learning opportunities that go beyond the core learning areas.
  • Staff that is dedicated and experienced
  • Promoting good parenting and community collaboration
We live in a constantly changing world, and the dynamic character of the educational system is readily apparent to everybody. To keep pace with the changing times, our goal is to offer comprehensive and egalitarian education that will aid in creating, sculpting, and finessing the next generation’s minds.

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    Imparrting education to the young talents for a bright future

    The education of children influences their destiny as well as the growth of a nation. Keeping this important consideration in mind, the GITANJALI International School provides an education that helps develop young brains and prepares them for a better future. GITANJALI International School is South India’s No 1 CBSE school spreading across 5 states namely Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Gurugram etc.

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    We do not make followers, but we create leaders

    It has emerged as the first option for parents committed to providing their children with the greatest possible education. The GITANJALI International School, which has been dubbed “Asia’s biggest education group,” has over 2 Lakh students with an infrastructure of 45 + schools with experienced professionals who are dedicated to nourishing young brains. The educational organization has successfully reached more than 5 states with robust infrastructures, which comprise schools, junior colleges, management, medical, and engineering institutions

    World class curriculum taught by the highly experienced faculty

    If you are looking for the Best Schools in Gurugram around you, the GITANJALI Group may be of great assistance.

    The learning institute provides an optimal balance of excellence in academics, innovation, athletics, performing arts, personal development, and human values to its pupils.

    GITANJALI SCHOOLS are also one of the best schools in Ludhiana too. It creates an integrated emphasis on academics and chances for comprehensive student development with a mission to feed its students with information and emerge as the top option in education internationally.

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    vision and mission statements

    We create leaders who can capture the world with their confidence. Our students portray a personality that makes then excel in every field. We do not only teach them what is there in the books, but help them inculcate the skills with practical education.

    By offering learner-centered education, we are preparing a new generation of leaders. Then, for the overall growth of GITANJALI SCHOOLS, we provide high-quality, inclusive, and equitable education.

    They are urged to explore, invent, cooperate, adapt, and, above all, have fun! Technology has been incorporated to compete with the rest of the world while maintaining global awareness.

    The school fosters and develops their character, transforming them into ethical, logical, and caring individuals while igniting an insatiable desire to study. GITANJALI SCHOOLS not only help students become more successful global citizens and serve as a beacon of hope for the rest of society.