Gitanjali International School


Security, housekeeping, gardening, canteen, stores, HR, computers, transportation, and event management are just a few of the services provided by the administrative department to the school.

The school bus provides students with a safe and timely form of transportation between school and home. It’s also utilised to take pupils on field excursions to the zoo and other educational destinations to instil a love of nature in them.

Security is a major problem for schools all around the world

Our digital monitoring solution is a complete security solution for the entire campus community. To monitor security, digital cameras have been installed in every part of the institution.

All of the security guards have received extensive training to safeguard the safety of the school community. The administration guarantees that the safety of the students and employees is closely monitored.

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    Gitanjali Global Schools has a decade of expertise in the field of education

    Our educational philosophy is based on our Mission, which is a set of ideals that serves as a foundation for our growth. These are statements to which we would like our community to hold us responsible.

    A well-planned architectural wonder with abundant open space for children to feel free and liberated  as well as an attractively built campus with extensive landscapes and international-standard facilities, this is a perfect site for great learning. Gitanjali Global Schools is a top international school in Kondapur, Hyderabad, that offers CBSE and IGCSE courses.