Gitanjali International School


Investigate the Admission Process for our School in Gurugram. Secure affirmation for your kid in one of the best and first-class schools in Gurugram. Gitanjali International School brings its lead school to the metropolitan of Gurugram. The education dynamics of this school keep on moving ages of students from across the globe, whose school victories give them the establishment to proceed to accomplish significance and lead cheerful, satisfying lives.

The nature of our schools and the training they give is an impression of the people that lead and back them. These are energetic, committed instructors who help change and work on the existence of thousands of kids across the globe, and we hold firm to our conviction that all kids reserve the option to quality training.

We firmly accept that each kid has gifts and capacities that are just about as exceptional as their character. We invest heavily in our comprehensive ethos and in our obligation to aid each family to track down the right school for their youngster. Indeed, Come go along with us in forming the future for our kids with one of the tops of the line school in Gurugram.

Admission Enquiries

  • 2 years old complete for the Pre-Nursery
  • 2+ years old complete for the Nursery
  • 3+ years old complete for the LKG
  • 4+ years old complete as for the UKG


  • All Nationalities
  • Document Checklist
  • Color Photo (passport size)
  • Birth Certificate

Quick Admission Enquiry

    Admission Procedure

    Grab any desk in the common area — 1 day/mo included. Bring your device, pick a seat, and get to work. Also includes:

    Enquiry Form

    Submit an online Enquiry Form on School official website or you can visit the school admissions office


    Counselors from Gitanjali International School will get back to you by answering all the questions.


    Parents or guardians can visit the school campus for filling out an admission form with Gitanjali international School admission fee.


    Parents will be informed about the important dates of entrance test date or parental interaction.

    Aptitude tests

    Aptitude tests for KG classes and above were conducted and the students need to appear for the parental interaction for the Nursery.