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CBSE curriculum

When it comes to giving the best to the students, our faculty makes sure we leave no stone unturned. We focus on each and every point so that our students get proper development. We help them by polishing their personality and brining out the best in every field. Our curriculum is not only focussed on academic but we also have a lot to offer in sports and other extracurricular activities. Geetanjali is one of the  best CBSE schools in Gurugram and Ludhiana because of the academics we offer.

Guiding them in the right direction with CBSE curriculum

A well-planned architectural marvel with abundant open space for children to feel “free and liberated,” as well as an attractively built campus with ample landscapes and international-standard amenities, this is a perfect site for great learning. Geetanjali, the global School, shines in the road of excellence by focusing on two goals: academic and moral excellence.

We believe in education for all

Gitanjali, the International School, accepts and adapts the CBSE philosophy of education for all, without discrimination of any kind, in order to meet the demands of this age group. The school’s main objective is similar to that of the Board to a large extent. The school follows a skill-based curriculum that is also content-driven.

Gitanjali International offers CBSE curriculum

To keep up with the shifting trends in educational research, the examination and assessment processes are particularly dynamic. It is constantly working on new teaching-learning approaches by designing systems that are user-friendly and student-centered.

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    Teamwork teaches children how to solve difficulties.

    They learn how to learn in order to develop continuously. The interactive sessions in the classroom are aimed to generate inter-disciplinary knowledge by providing opportunities for information processing. The above listed components are critical to children’s holistic development in today’s technology-driven knowledge era. Teachers at Gitanjali International School act as facilitators in the genuine meaning of the word, modelling and coaching students and providing the necessary scaffolding for them to reach their full potential.