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“Schools play a vital role in a person’s life and hence must be chosen very carefully. A school is where children get exposure to the outside world right from scratch. By attending a nursery school, your child can learn some of the important skills such as taking initiative, helping others, and listening to elders. “
These skills get well reflected while they grow up to be matured. Through nursery education, the child is taught how to communicate with a different audience thereby laying the foundation stone for communication abilities.

We at Gitanjali International School being the top quality CBSE school aims for catering to the minds of the tender souls through interaction based learning techniques.

At Gitanjali International Schools We Aim For Excellence In Learning

The Gitanjali group of schools have been thriving as an institution that not only nurtures. Gitanjali International School has been hallmarked as one of the best primary schools in Gurugram that is vowed to provide an all inclusive service. With 30 years of determination, dedication, and achievement, the award-winning institution occupies an enviable place among the major schools in the country. As the saying goes, the monument of time is not built in one day, but in bricks designed by people’s talent and diligence. Gitanjali’s growth has been steady and spectacular over the years. Gitanjali has developed a system that maximizes child development through complete education, including academic knowledge and skills, moral values, social and physical skills.

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    The Gitanjali Education System provides complete academic support while building life skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and physical skills in a value-based environment for children to exercise with confidence. It is designed to maximize your child’s potential. Each school is managed independently, but all schools implement the Gitanjali education system and do not compromise the quality standards.

    Benefits of enrolling in Gitanjali International School

    Confining your child in the realm of academics is not enough to make him/her fit for the competitive world. With quality kindergartens and qualified teachers, the possibilities are endless in Gitanjali International School.

    Not only do children benefit from early childhood education. Their parents, peers, and even society are feeling the positive effects of quality nursery schooling. Children who are more keen to participate are more likely to succeed academically and socially as they get older. They are the best nursery schools in Gurugram where your child can learn while enrolling for different activities.

    Benefits Sending Toddlers to nursery schools is very beneficial in many ways. Four-sixths of all toddlers go for nursery schooling. It allows young children to grow both socially and academically. By enrolling in your child preschool, they learn obedience, share it with others, and lay the foundation for helping them later in their future education. Many parents are unaware that kindergarten education is the basis for a Child’s development.

    Success Story of Gitanjali School As The Best International Schools In Gurugram

    Gitanjali International Schools believe in maintaining high moral and ethical standards with the aim of creating responsible citizens of the country. Modernity without compromising tradition is the ultimate goal of this unique institution. Gitanjali School has sustained the competition of becoming The Best School In DLF Phase 4 Gurugram that sought to provide students with valuable education along with numerous activities.

    At Gitanjali International School we fundamentally center around various methodologies that best suit the learning system of the kid. We will more often than not isolate them into-

    • Action Based Education
    • Community Education
    • Experiential Education

    By incorporating general learning hypotheses with imaginative strategies and projects. These projects are intended to help understudies in further developing their learning results and understanding their maximum capacity.

    Gitanjali International School is the most chosen by parents for their exceptional good and efficient services that they have been providing over a long period of time.

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