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“The true aim of education is to nourish human spirits, instill power to embrace, teach people how to achieve, and empower them to take control of their destiny. As global community members, we want to develop enlightened, progressive, productive, ethical, and flexible citizens.”

Gitanjali International School has placed itself among the Top 10 schools in Gurugram.

According to scientific research, a kid’s growth is believed to be at its peak throughout the first five years of their existence. Primary schools play a significant role in a child’s mental and physical development throughout these few years of their life. Parents must be very cautious while making this selection because the primary schools that parents choose for their children will significantly influence the child’s future.

To assist you and your kid in achieving success, GITANJALI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS has compiled a comprehensive list of the best primary schools in Gurugram. We deliver the finest of everything to all of our students, from state-of-the-art facilities to highly qualified instructors.

GITANJALI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS, located in Gurugram, are among the best schools in sector 57 Gurugram, and they deserve your consideration. We would alleviate all of your concerns while also assisting your child in the long run.

We pay close attention to the fact that all children get the most excellent education possible and a conducive learning environment on the school’s grounds. We assist parents in effectively managing their child’s development both inside and outside of the school grounds.

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    • Excellent Teaching Qualities – Excellent Teaching Qualities –Our instructors strongly emphasize a child’s whole development, and they like to give the youngster enough opportunity to learn the fundamentals of life. We make every effort to provide the children with a cheerful and exciting school atmosphere to play and study simultaneously. We are recognized as the best CBSE school Gurugram for the learning spectrum we provide.
    • Every student is significant –Our primary goal is to ensure that every student advances in their career chances and opportunities. Given that every kid is unique, we provide each child with the specific attention they need. Our kids are welcome to come up to us at any time of the day and speak with us about whatever they like. We assist them in strengthening their weak areas and guiding them in the most effective manner possible.
    • Interaction with the parents regularly –We are delighted to host various activities and meetings to meet the parents of all of our children. This allows us to understand better their point of view and the expectations they have for their children. An interactive session between parents and instructors opens the door to opportunities for progress and prosperity for both the teachers and the pupils in attendance.


    As global community members, we want to develop awareness, enlightened, progressive, productive, ethical, and flexible citizens.


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