Gitanjali International School

Child care

Footprints Daycare offers preschool, followed by a sleep, supper, and evening activities. Learning is a dynamic process that takes place throughout the day, therefore the kid must participate in relevant, engaging, and enjoyable learning situations. The day care programme has been carefully created for children aged 9 months and up to ensure that they are productively engaged and immersed in various adventures before being returned to their parents.

We offer small groups for proper care

  • A small group is required to identify individual strengths and problems in order to be child-centric.
  • Children interact with the teachers in small groups while being attentively supervised and scaffolded to complete the activities.
  • This time of day provides the youngster with a secure environment in which to discuss and express what they are unable to do in a bigger context owing to inhibitions.
  • Tracing letters, playing number games, and solving puzzles are just a few of the educational activities available at this day care.

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    Child care service for individual attention for the kids to enjoy

    • In our day care programme, we believe in giving children choices always aids in sharpening their decision-making skills.
    • Children are given both the choice and the appropriate material to chose from and play with at this time of day.
    • Children are more concerned with what they can create and how they can apply their talents to turn a simple teaching aid or toy into an innovation.
    • At this time of day, we may see kids transforming empty carton boxes into farms and discarded garments into robes.

    Proper eating and resting time

    • Children may consume healthful foods in a friendly social atmosphere at day care meals and snacks.
    • Rest is reserved for calm, lonely pursuits.
    • If children choose not to sleep, they can be seen reading or participating in self-play in our child care centres during this time.

    Interactive outdoor activities

    • In this day care daily plan for kids, children learn best when they are exposed to the environment and are able to physically develop outside of the classroom.
    • Because of the weather, the children and staff spend about half an hour each day in the outdoor area.
    • Children not only get to witness nature, but they also acquire crucial life concepts such as climate, sun, and clouds.
    • Children may be seen here participating in various physical exercises while developing their senses.