Gitanjali International School


The e-mission classroom’s at GTGS is to assist educators in learning about new technology and how it may be incorporated and used as an effective learning tool in the classroom. The e-classroom was developed to help students and facilitators develop these technology abilities. Facilitators may educate their students how to apply 21st century technical abilities today and in the future by incorporating technology into the classroom. The e-classrooms at GTGS have teamed with edurite to provide tools that are specifically geared to help students improve their research abilities.

We keep a perfect blend with technology to let our students stay firm with the latest trends

Students have access to temperature-controlled transportation at the school. Its buses go on several routes around the twin cities to cover as much ground as possible. With CDs to watch till the students get at their destination, travel is made more pleasant and pleasurable. The students are looked after by the security guard. Every bus also has a supply of water and a first-aid kit.

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    We maintain a busy and proactive mentality by completing a variety of projects and assignments while maintaining high levels of enthusiasm. The school, which is located away from the city’s dust and crowds, features temperature-controlled classrooms, well-equipped labs, a library, and a toyroom, among other amenities that complement classroom activities and provide an environment favourable to high attention and creativity.